Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cooking experiments: cauliflower quiche

I'm experimenting with new recipes, I'm experimenting both for my own and my flatmates' pleasure and to increase my guests' pleasure next season.
Today's recipe includes cauliflower, winter vegetable, so it will probably not be included in my menus at the Locanda unless I can convince my cauliflowers to get ready in October rather than mid November. Anyway, I'd like to share the results anyway as it turned out really yummy!
Make your favourite savoury pie crust and half bake it.
You can use left-over cauliflower, cut it into small pieces or mash it and add it to 2-3 beaten eggs, half a cup of cream, one cup fresh goat cheese, salt and pepper to taste.
Put the batter inside the crust and, if you wish, add some slices of cauliflower florets to decorate.

Bake for 20-30 min, 180C until it looks nice and golden.


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Anonymous said...

Senti esperimento di 'sta cippa,io sto ancora aspettando la ricetta dei dolcetti toffee...