Thursday, May 10, 2007

Valle Nuova walk

From the Locanda you can start a 7 km (4,5 miles) loop walk. The walk is on white road, quite easy and not very steep. We usually suggest this to our guests for them to have an idea of the area around the Locanda.
Yesterday it was a beautiful sunny day and I decided to take the walk myself (I never have time to do it during summer...) and these are some of the photos I took.

More in the "next/previous" post as there was something wrong with the original post and the photos couldn't be seen...
I hope that you're enjoying the walk!


Anonymous said...

Bellissimo 'sto posto...mi viene quasi voglia di leccarmi uno xanaxino...bello bello...sì sì adesso mi organizzo e prenoto!Devo prenotare in inglese o mi capisci se parlo italiano?Scandisco se vuoi!:)))

Palma said...

I enjoyed the beautiful walk, and the poppies!
Le Marche is gorgeous!