Sunday, February 17, 2008


My granfather (my dad's dad) was born here, it's a nice little town on the Adriatic coast, just a bit north of Rimini and about 1.15 hours away from the Locanda.
I'm not a great fan of most of the Emilia Romagna and Le Marche coastal areas in general and Cesenatico in July and August can be hell! Loads of tourists invade its roads, beach, restaurants and bars and the music can be heard all night long... but Cesenatico in mid seasons can be great! May, June and September are my favourite times but last week, on a beautiful winter day I was there and it was just fine!
The canal was designed by Leonardo da Vinci

and it now hosts the "Museo della Marineria" with gorgeous old boats in the canal and a nice expo of sea related documents and objects.

The canal sides are full with life in every season of the year

This is the "Traghetto", a tiny "boat" tied and moved by ropes that helps people cross the canal even if there's no bridge... I used to LOVE it when I was a little girl and went for walks or bike rides with my grandad (they had different prices for adults, children and bikes!).

Walk around the old centre by the canal with its tiny roads and the "Piazza delle Conserve" where you can see the old containers (called "conserve") excavated underground which were used to keep fished products under ice before selling.


KZ said...

Giulia, thanks for showing a new piece of Italy--new to me, that is. Maybe someday we will get there. As I write this, there are cows on TV--makes me think of your place, bulls, sheep, horses, etc. Would love to be there. Jane (I'm posting from Casey's page thus his picture)

Giulia said...

Hi Jane!
I'm glad that you liked this post about Cesenatico, the beauty of this little town is unknown to most Italians that consider it only as an overcrowded seaside resort.
I hope to see you again during your summer stay in Tuscany!