Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The end of the season once again... N. 10

October is about to finish, we only still have a few days and the season will be over once again, this time it is a bit more special since it's the end of our 10th year at the Locanda!
Following some guest's advice (thank you!) I'm browsing through our guestbook looking for some entries to scan and add to our webpage. We have a guestbook only since 2002 (but we also remember some of the guests from the first years quite well!) so it's not really like going 10 years back, but the experience has been great!
It's amazing how guests enter in our lives (for good or for bad, 99% of the times for good!) and how I remember many many of them and how I love to remember them.
I chose few special artistic entries and would like to post them here now starting with the very first entry in our guestbook.

Thank you thank you!

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Diana said...

Love it Giulia!! I always say if the place was burning to the ground I would grab Micha, Max and the guest book. My whole heart and soul are in that book. I can live with not-matching towels, but the emotions and warmth that have sustained me? I need it.

Hugs and kisses my sweet friend.