Monday, March 30, 2009

Raffaello e Urbino: the exhibit

The exhibition Raphael and Urbino: formative years and ties with his home town will open on April 4th. Now the official page has an English version!

Urbino was more than just Raphael’s city of birth; it had a profound influence on his development as an artist and remained an essential reference point for him throughout his life. For this reason, the great exhibition being put on in the “Palazzo Ducale” (Duke’s Palace) in Urbino seeks to rediscover and celebrate this close bond between Raphael and his home town. You can read more and see the complete list of works here or read my previous post about the expo here.

I'll be at the official presentation held on April 3rd and will post more.


Jane said...

Oh,Giulia, I'd love to see this. Be sure to tell all about it.

Giulia said...

Jane, the exhibition ends on July 12th, I forgot to link to a previous post with dates and more info. You can now read it following the link at the end of this post. Or you can visit the official page.
Hope to see you here this summer!!!