Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm grateful (warning: this post is only partially serious!)

Today is a cloudy and grey day, it's cold and windy outside and the only thing I would really love to do is cuddling up like one of my cats and let the day pass, it's not a bad day, it's just that I've had better days.
... but I'm grateful... Thank you Gloria, Letizia, Diana and Megan (fellow professionals and friends) to be there and a double thank you Gloria for sharing something that, once more, makes me remember how grateful I am for the wonderful guests I have... have a look at this and share this good laugh with us!


Diana Strinati Baur said...

I hope no one sues us for unexpected pregnancy. But you just never know, do you?

I hope you have a better day today. There are days that we should be able to beam ourselves around to each other, pour something strong, give each other blankets, make each other something fattening and delicious, and put each other to bed without a worry in the world. Don't you agree?

Ti voglio bene. I have to get skype downloaded on this new computer still. said...

La realta' supera sempre la fantasia said...

PS. we love you!