Saturday, August 01, 2009

Agriturismo? The interview is online

I wrote a few days ago about a group of young American journalists visiting the Locanda and the farm.
Now a multimedia story of their experience here is online, with photos, an article and a video. It's very interesting to read and see a different point of view on what we do and I love the video! You can see it here.

By the way, this is a photo by Scott Burry taken at Valle Nuova: even weeds are beautiful here :)

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Karen said...

That is a fabulous video. Be careful tho, your english is so brilliant, people are going to think you're an expat yourself.

You're a lucky girl doing good things. But where is Le Marche? ;) Oh, just south of Romagna! Which is where? I always end up just pointing at my own upper calf. boh