Friday, April 16, 2010

The biggest calf ever

I rarely talk about my cattle here, but today I started the day helping a cow calving and a massive, enormous, gorgeous calf was born, so they deserve an entry of their own!
The calf is really huge, it took 3 of us pulling like crazy while my neighbour Giovanni supervised and directed.
When a cow has so many problems calving we always fear that she might refuse the calf, or at least be too stressed to take care of it properly, in this case we had no problem: the cow "gli vuole bene" (lit. she loves him) as the farmers in the area put it (sweet, isn't it?).
The only problem is that the calf is so big and he was pulled so strongly (weakening his front limbs) that he has problems standing up, he's lively and strong so he can stand for a while, but at the moment not enough to get near his mother and suckle so today we're all collaborating to feed him (it's very important that he takes the colostrum, the first milk that contains antibodies and gives nutrients in a very concentrated low-volume form. 
Well, I will not bother you with more technical issues and will leave you to the pictures of the event!

My neighbour Giovanni watching the cow and the calf for signs of any problem.

Curious calf taking a sneak peek of the newly born (almost twice as big as he is!)

Trying to stand up!

The proud daddy! :)


Diana Strinati Baur said...

Oh my. How sweet is this. A really big baby. A lot of work birthing that calf, for mom and everyone else! Mamma and everyone else loves him. He will be fine with all the tender loving care.

Hope you have a good season....

madonnadelpiatto said...

He's just adorable!