Saturday, January 08, 2011

Preparing cooking classes for 2011

 We will start offering cooking classes at Locanda della Valle Nuova!

At the moment I'm planning, studying and experimenting and more information will be available soon.
The photo below (Piadina a flat bread that is typical in the coastal area of Northern Le Marche and neighbouring Romagna) is part of the process, I'll post more soon.

Please leave your suggestions below if you wish.


Judith Doyle said...

We had such a wonderful time last summer - and would love to return. May I suggest - vegetarian main courses ? We loved the frittata you made - perhaps this approach could be included. As you know my daughter Kaelan is a vegetarian and is being encouraged by her dentist to increase her protein intake - so we are interested in exploring the possibilities.

Giulia said...

Thank you SO much for your comment! Actually most of the programs I'm working on are good for vegetarians and non vegetarians alike but definitely a class about "Traditional meat-free second courses" is a great idea! I will start browsing my menus and thinking about something, thank you again!