Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Carbon neutral?

Our 50Kw Photovoltaic plant is up and running now!
It produces enough electricity for approx 18 households and I calculate (even if it's really hard) that (along with our existent smaller plant, sustainable heating and hot water system, organic farming, home produced or zero miles food, energy & water saving, recycling, low packaging - no disposables - no cans policy) will make the Locanda and the farm carbon neutral!

Photo of the day: le Marche hills

Today has been a gorgeous day: the sky was blue with only the right number of clouds, the temperature was perfect for walking, I had some free time and some good friends to share it with!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Photo of the day: a new guest at the Locanda

Found it this morning on the terrace, it was all tied up with a plastic thread and some of the feathers are badly broken or bent, but it's eating well and it's quite lively....

Friday, July 23, 2010

Before and after: sour cherries

Tonns of sour cherries this year!

We made jelly, put them in syrup, preserved with sugar in the sun, ate and we even made juice!

Beautiful colour and even better taste!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Photo of the day: relax by the pool

The horrible heat has gone, the flowers are in bloom, the honeysuckle still spreads its wonderful perfume in the air, the figs are ripe, the cows are out in the pasture and can be seen in the distance. Today no sightseeing: just relax by the pool!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Before and after: zabaione (recipe included)

Fresh organic free-range egg yolks from our hens.

Beat with 1 tbsp of sugar for every yolk, mix with a half egg-shell of Marsala or Vin Santo or your favourite Passito, cook the mix at bain-marie wisking constantly until the lines that your wisk marks stay for a while. Cool quickly in a cold bain-marie.

Eat hot or freeze it!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Photo of the day: the sausage spiral

Home made organic sausages.
Some fresh for cooking, some have been dried and are currently in jars with laurel leaves, garlic and lard. Deli-ish!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The organic farmers' shop in Urbino

The season started and time for long posts is long over. Nevertheless I really want to write about a fab new place that opened just over one month ago in Urbino.
Farmers are having a hard time everywhere and Italy is not an exception. Agriturismo (farm inn) is a great way to increase farmer's incomes: not only for the farmers who actually run an agriturismo who have the possibility of making the most of their own produce by transforming it into breakfasts and meals for their guests, but also for other farmers of the area who have the possibility to sell their products directly to the agriturismos. Yes, direct sales are the other big deal for farmers these days: farmers markets, farm-shops.. not having to deal with middlemen and shopkeepers makes products cheaper for the consumer and more rewarding for the seller.
This is why a group of organic farmers from Pesaro Urbino province, in northern Le Marche, decided to open their own shop.
It's located in the courtyard of the Collegio Raffaello, an imposing building by the main square of Urbino that hosts, along with other interesting places, an art gallery, Piero Guidi shop (famous handbag designer from Urbino), Caffé Basili (where you can sip a cappuccino in the quietness and the refreshing shadow of the portico) a bookshop and soon other shops.
Back to the Galleria AE (Gallery of the different economy), producers sell their gorgeous products there (cheeses, vegetables, salamis, jams as well as wine, pasta and legumes, all farmed organically within a few km of Urbino) and you'll also find FairTrade and ecological products such as soaps and more.

A great initiative that every farmer and every person concerned with the environment and the wellbeing of nature should support.
I hope that you'll shop at the Galleria AE when you visit Urbino!

Before and after: apricots

A new series of posts showing you our farm product "before and after": from beautifully fresh from the field to transformed into scrumptious compotes, juices, jams, pickles and much more.
Hope you enjoy it!

Sweet and sour apricots (to be served with cheeses and cold cuts) and beautiful apricot juice for breakfast.