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Our location, in the heart of Montefeltro (northern Le Marche) is perfect for daytripping to many città d’arte, hilltop towns and villages in Central Italy and visit their valuable cultural heritage along with works by Raphael, Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Piero della Francesca and many other minor artists who worked in this area, birthplace of the Renaissance. We’ll be glad to suggest really interesting off-the-beaten-track itineraries in this little-known region where you’ll discover a different amazing view behind every ridge


The Locanda is located only 12 km south of Urbino, the walled city centre of which is included in the UNESCO Heritage list. Raphael was born here. You’ll be able to visit his house and see a fresco painted on the house walls by a very young Raphael and admire enigmatic La Muta in the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche inside the Ducal Palace.


Sansepolcro, hometown of Piero della Francesca, stands just one hour drive away from the Locanda. Here you can start an itinerary that will lead you to Arezzo where you can visit the marvellous frescos cycle in San Francesco church, to Monterchi to admire the Madonna del Parto and back to Urbino where, in the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche, La Flagellazione and Madonna di Senigallia are exhibited. The itinerary can go on down to the coast to Rimini to see the San Sigismondo Fresco in the Tempio Malatestiano.


The fortresses designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini characterize the landscape of the Montefeltro area, from better-known San Leo and Mondavio down to small and unknown wonders such as Sassocorvaro fortress (its plan resembles a tortoise), Cagli, Fossombrone, Sant’Agata Feltria, Montecerignone and Frontone. He was also the creator of the twin-turretted facade of the Ducal Palace in Urbino (the famous Torricini) and the Rampa leading to the Palace from Borgo Mercatale.


In the old times the Via Flaminia was the most important road connecting Rome to the Adriatic Sea and Northern Italy. Its outline through the Province of Pesaro and Urbino went across the present towns of Cantiano, Cagli, Furlo (where you can visit the ancient galleria and part of the structure of the road within the amazing setting of the Furlo Gorge), Fossombrone, Fano and Pesaro.
Along the Via Flaminia there are several archeological sites (Forum Sempronii near Fossombrone, Pontericcioli near Cantiano), the Domus del Mito in Sant'Angelo in Vado, the mosaics in Pesaro Basilica and the Bronzi dorati museum in Pergola, as well as many archeological museums.


The Locanda is the perfect starting point for walks and treks: it stands just a few miles away from beautiful Furlo Gorge Natural Reserve with its peculiar flora and fauna (including wolves and some pairs of golden eagles), and from Sasso Simone and Simoncello Park with its distinctive geological formations.
The beaches and rocky coastlines of Mount S. Bartolo Park and Conero represent an interesting option compared to the typical Adriatic sandy beaches.
The Frasassi Caves, among the biggest in Europe, include a chamber which is large enough to hold Milan cathedral.
At the Locanda you will find maps of walks and treks.


A short list of some of the places you can easily reach from Fermignano (photo above).

* Discover the Urbino oratories (private places of worship belonging to old confraternities) and admire the Salimbeni frescoes in the Oratorio di San Giovanni.
* Try to spot a green woodpecker at the Bosco di Tecchie park
* Buy unusual "aubergine" colour terracotta in Fratterosa
* Admire the rough beauty of the Furlo Gorge
* Enjoy Opera at its best at the Rossini Opera Festival
* Go discover one of the biggest underground "rooms" in Europe at Frasassi caves
* Visit a huge everyday-use-terracotta collection at Urbania Ducal Palace and the beautiful little town itself

* On your way to Mondavio, stop at some of the nicest and most unknown hilltop-towns in the area: Sorbolongo, Orciano and Barchi
* Climb up to some of the nine Medieval Castelli di Arcevia
* Enjoy the tiny Romanesque church of San Vincenzo al Furlo
* Discover past and present of papermaking in Fabriano
* Meet pottery artisans in Urbania, ancient Castel Durante
* Walk up Monte Catria and admire the Marchigiana cows and Catria horses

* Let white truffle "perfume" make you salivate at Acqualagna Truffle Festival
* Breath peace and culture at Fonte Avellana Monastery
* Let the masterpieces of 20th century painter Burri guide you through a XVI century palazzo and old tobacco dryhouses in Città di Castello.
* Find out the relationship between the "Profanazione dell'ostia" by Paolo Uccello and the oldest existing Torah Ark in the world.
* Ask for one of my supermaps and take a loop walk around the Locanda to become acquainted with the area and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

* Understand why Pergola municipality claimed the Bronzi Dorati (Glided bronze Roman statues) back from Ancona archeological museum
* See that the Adriatic is not all parasols and deckchairs at Monte San Bartolo or Conero.
* Let Mrs Moscati guide you through the fascinating Jewish history of Le Marche while visiting the Urbino Synagogue (that is, if she's in the right mood!)
* Stroll around Parco del Cardeto in Ancona perched on a cliff high on the sea, including the Campo degli Ebrei, Jewish graveyard from 1428 to 1863.
* Take a glimpse of San Marino Republic while driving to the stunning San Leo
* Stay home and help us decide which is the best of our home-made liqueurs!

This photo: Lucy Pope

Full PDF versions of 4 great booklets about Le Marche is available online, links from this post.



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